At Superior Shave Co, we have a responsibility to uphold to our customers, and further to the planet as a whole. The personal care industry is filled with excessive packaging, single-use disposables, and artificial ingredients. We are committed to leaving the world in better shape than we found it; a goal we strive to accomplish daily in every part of our business. We believe in a local difference to create a global difference. We work with local businesses whenever possible to supply us with our needs: from locally produced birch bark extract, to Minneapolis made shave stands. We support our fellow Minnesotan and American businesses.

We want to share our best experiences. That’s why we strive to ensure our products are the highest quality we accomplish. A quality finished product requires we maintain an impeccable quality of ingredients from all natural sources, harvested or derived from the most sustainable manner available. Our production methods combine these natural elements in small batches, each made with great care from the comfort of our combined homes.

The product you now hold, or may soon be holding, is the result of a great deal of consideration and care. We hope you feel the same warmth and excitement every time you use one of our products as we did in its creation. We pride ourselves in such careful formulation and resource use. Thank you for being a part of our local creations.

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