Minnesota made shaving mugs by Alex Deme. Shaving mugs are a time old tradition. Our mugs feature a modern twist on the classic mug and handle design, allowing for a comfortable grip while maximizing your lather.

Minnesota made stainless shave stands by Shot Well Sheetmetal. A decorative yet functional piece, the have stand allows you to dry your brush properly between shaves.

The razor blade is also of traditional design. The double edge razors we use are sharp enough to cut hairs on the first pass, eliminating the need for two, four, or even six blades. Originally, razors had a single hole for alignment with the handle, however the current design was created in the late 1920s to allow for a faster, more precise registration. Always handle blades with care and hold using the dull (shorter) sides.

Safety razor handles came into popularity in the early 1900s as well. The safety razor with a double edge blade provided for a much simpler shave than the straight blade many men had come to know. While the straight razor still reigns king in most users eyes, the safety razor is largely considered the next best quality shave. Today, safety razors are enjoying a renaissance amongst men young and old for their superior quality of shave.

Badger brushes have been a popular tool for creating lather for over a century. Several types of badger hair exist, allowing for brushes of different firmness, response to water, and longevity. At superior shave co, we’ve chosen an animal free route with a synthetic badger brush, using the latest silver hair synthetic for a soft, natural brush with great resilience to wear. New and experienced shavers alike will enjoy the ease of lather and long life of these brushes.

A great shave comes from a combination of the right tools paired with skilled hands. It’s our goal to provide the right tools with excellent resources in crafting skilled hands.

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