Pre-shave oil has been used for decades as a simple, yet effective, method of protecting your skin prior to shaving. It works by soaking into and hydrating the skin, allowing a more supple and pliable surface to shave over.


Pre-Shave Oil

After hydrating your face, protect it with pre-shave oil. Our custom blend of grape seed, castor and safflower oil creates a comfortable barrier to protect your shave. We’ve also added a touch of Vitamin E to increase retained moisture in the skin and act as natural preservative. Coming soon to our store.


Beard Oil

Experience our special blend of argan, jojoba, and safflower oil that makes up our beard oil. Our quick to absorb formula will leave your beard feeling its best. Coming soon to our store.


Gentleman’s Aftershave

For use immediately after shaving. Made with your choice of scotch or bourbon, blended with witch hazel and glycerin to provide you with a wonderfully complex, distinguished scent available in our store.

Gentleman’s Aftershave Lotion 

We have worked to create a quick-absorbing, non-greasy formula. Witch hazel is blended with argan and jojoba oil to provide a luxurious feeling on skin. Blended with your distinguishing choice of scotch or bourbon, available in our store.

Aftershave Lotion- Sensitive skin

Specially formulated to be gentle on the skin, we switched out our typical witch hazel base in order to keep this alcohol free. Instead, we used aloe for its healing and cooling properties, and safflower, jojoba, argan, and grapeseed oils to moisturize, nourish, and heal the skin after shaving.

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