We’re a couple of young gentlemen looking to make our way in the wet-shave renaissance. Founded by Matt Norris and Scot Bloomquist,  Superior Shave Co is located in Duluth as a growing local business, selling soap, oils, and other shaving necessitates though local retailers and online.

Meet Matt, the co-founding and driving force behind Superior Shave Co and product innovation. Matt has always been a cross between a creative and a techie, loving the two worlds equally. So where did shaving come in? A necessity of life, one which seemed to offer a remarkably poor experience for an exceptionally high cost. After several years of using the “most advanced” products on the market for men’s facial shaving, he grew tired of the gimmicks, looking for a better solution. Moving past the rumors of blood loss, Matt took Scot’s advice in a move to old-fashioned safety razors. He never looked back.

Outside of making soaps, lotions, and oils, Matt spends time as a photographer and inventor. He is constantly looking for new solutions for life’s little complications, and new Netflix series.


Meet Scot, co-founder and originator of Superior Shave Co. For as long as he can remember he has had a fascination with facial hair, side burns, beards, razors, everything about it. The historical distinction facial hair has given many of the most influential and bad ass men is unprecedented by any other appearance or style. Facial hair  beards represented by the likes of Charles Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, the mustache of Mark Twain, and the sideburns of Ambrose Burnsides. Accompanied with this fascination has also been dreams of one day growing equally distinct facial hair, starting with weirdly long sideburns through out high school and college he slowly (and embarrassingly) grew a respectable beard, shortly there after Superior Shave Co was born.

When not rubbing incredibly sharp razors against his face, Scot enjoys throwing small pieces of plastic hundreds of feet into metal baskets, speeding down mountains on a near frictionless piece of wood- attached by only 4 straps, and shooting people (with a marvelous light capturing device).

Meet Monica, associate and production specialist at Superior Shave Co. She has been passionate about beauty products since her early teen years. After using every female razor on the market, she was sick of the cuts and the sand paper finish. Superior Shave Co was just beginning when it changed her life and her legs. On top of the wonderful shave- the lotions, oils, and soaps appeals to her passion of being environmentally friendly and has been kind to her sensitive skin. She also just really likes beards. Yay beards! When she’s out of the office, she is hard at work learning how to properly stab people and nurse them back to health. When at home, she’s always in her kitchen concocting only the finest, most delectable cuisine.

Meet Isabella, soaper and archivist . Isabella is creative, driven, and passionate about making a change in the beauty and shave industry. Having seen and experienced gimmicky products and artificial ingredients used by most companies throughout her life, shes looking forword to making a better natural product. Isabella is an expert at organization with numbers, leading to her positioning as an archivist to aid in business filing. When not creating soaps or filing papers, Isabella enjoys painting, time outside in the weird Minnesota weather, and spending an excessive amount of money at local coffeeshops.

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