Humble Beginnings

Rustic Soap Image

That’s where we come from. Simple people from simpler times, somehow born into an era more complex than we’d ever desire.

What’s a guy to do in today’s modern rigmarole we call life? Actually, anything. More so than ever before, a guy (or gal) can do anything. Still, some things have experienced less change. We still do laundry; we still cook food; we still take the dog our for walks; and many men still shave their face.

The tools have changed though. Gone are the single-bladed razors of yesteryear in favor of safety razors, and one step further brings us the disposable razor. One can make an excellent argument for the creation of the safety razor. It’s much less likely to cause serious physical trauma, it’s still capable of delivering a very close shave, and it’s learning curve is much shorter. These are all advantages large companies would like you to forget. Intro the disposable cartridge razor. The disposable cartridge promised an even safer shave, which was smoother, closer, and easier than ever before. It cost little more than a conventional safety razor when first created, and allowed for new products to arise with greater profits. Silly false innovations, such as three, four, five or even six blades! The shape of a handle, or color of a plastic might even change the price.

We saw things differently. In a time where few say “try a double-edge safety razor!”, we did just that. The results were excellent. Ingrown hairs, razor burn, razor bumps … gone. As it turns out, one blade (three passes– with, against, and across the grain) does a better job of shaving your face, without taking so much skin with it. Better still, you’re shaving a hair at the surface of your face, which means it’s much less likely to be ingrown below the surface.

We’ll explain more about the wet shave as time moves foreword, but we hope you’ve taken this opportunity to experience some insight into Superior Shave Co’s new (old) methodology.