A Novice Guide to Shave Soap

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Shave soap. Shave cream. Shave in a can. Burma Shave. You’ve heard these names before. They’re all the same thing, right? That’s where most men fall short: these are all completely different and separate products.

Let’s get some background here. Burma-Shave was an early shaving cream which promoted a lather-free, burn-free shave. Sales didn’t catch on for a bit, then peaked by the 1950s and declined from there on.

Burma-Shave wouldn’t be the last product of its kind. Beginning in the 1950s, canned aerosol products began to dominate the market for shaving creams. Originally these products used chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which have since been regulated due to damaging effects on the ozone layer. Today these CFCs have been replaced by a mixture of hydrocarbons such as butane, propane, isobutane and others. These products are considered to be more irritating to the skin, as well as more dehydrating, something only remedied by adding additional artificial ingredients. As an example, one shaving gel we studied contained a form of one oil found in shave soap, then added a derivative of alcohol, several forms of glycerin (for the feel of smoothness), and several acids to stabilize the bases in the mix.

Confused yet? Us too. Shaving gels use advanced chemistry to promote their existence in your bathroom, and without it, their primary ingredients would be detrimental to your skin. Shave soaps are traditionally made of several ingredients such as tallow or palm oil, castor oil, clay, sugars, and lye. Let the record show that no lye remains in the final soap. The lye is a detergent which reacts with the oils, creating soap. When the cold-processed soap is finished curing, a process that takes several days to several weeks, no lye itself remains. This ensures a gentle soap for your skin that cleanses your face gently while also being capable of providing enough lather to use as a cushion against your razor.

Shaving should be simple. Your skin is an amazing and complex part of your body, so we’ve designed a shaving soap to complement it. We use only organic, RSPO certified palm oil as our base. We mate that with castor oil for tight-bubbled lather, organic coconut oil for a generous volume of bubbles, and a small amount of steric acid for additional stability in lather. Our soap is designed to create a stable, smooth, tight lather quickly for even the first time shaver to enjoy.

Shave Soap Picture
Hand crafted shave soap by Superior Shave Co.



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