A Beginners Guide to Beard Ownership, Part 1

So you have a beard, a portable beacon of manliness stuck to your gorgeous face ascending you into the ranks of those such as Gandalf the Grey and Leonidas, King of Sparta. No big deal, right? Wrong. Per gentleman’s code, you have a responsibility to maintain that man-forest proper.

Although many men don’t use grooming products, mistaking them to be ‘for sissies,’ it’s actually very important for them to care for the hair on their faces—not just on their heads. Much like your scalp, the skin beneath your beard can become dry, flaky, smelly and gross, and it’s prone to acne, too.

What’s the magic bullet? Beard oil. It softens and thickens the hair, and nourishes and protects the skin underneath—and it’s the key to pure, unadulterated manliness. With simple upkeep, you’ll have the type of beard that women want to touch instead of the type birds want to have babies in.

After washing your beard with a gentle soap, just squeeze a tiny drop from the bottle and massage it into your beard and face with your finger pads. Men with longer beards are advised to follow with a come or brush to coat their hair down to its roots and achieve style nirvana.

If anything buffs natural good looks, it’s natural ingredients. Superior Shave Co. always uses sustainably sourced ingredients to create a beard oil that’s as easy on the face as it is on the conscience, so you can sleep soundly knowing Bambi gets to keep his home. Using sustainably sourced beard oil also means your face will absorb minerals and nutrients that come from the earth, not ones made in a lab that could cause unwanted skin reactions.

Sustainability isn’t the only reason to pick up a fine beard oil; it’s an essential component of any gentleman’s grooming kit. You’ll get rid of all the scraggly runaway hairs and leave yourself with a lustrous mane you can be proud of. For more information about Superior Shave Co’s Beard Oil click here.

This is the first of a new series of educational blog posts and in-depth instructional guides that we hope will help us share our passion and knowledge for beard care with like-minded gentlemen. Check back for weekly updates.